How to Use "Request to Fill" on FormCafe?

Step a:- How to start?

1- Visit our Website FormCafe.

2- Here you can check all latest updates of Competitive exams.

3- Click on SignIn Here.

Formcafe homepage

Step b:- How to Login?

1- After Click on SignIn button you will redirect to this login page.

2- If you registered already,then enter you Credentials {Registered Mail Id and Mobile Number.}

3- If not registered then click on Registration.

Formcafe Login

Step c:- How to register on FormCafe?

1- After Click on Registration, the page will be change adn new registration page will come out.

2- Enter Complete details to register on FormCafe.

3- Register yourself with valid mail id and mobile number. Which will be used for future reference.

4- Keep in mind that Enter your Name as per your school certificates.

Registration on Formcafe

Step d:- How to complete profile on FormCafe?

1- After successfull login,click on your name which shown as in given image.

2- Complete My Account details first.

3- After Upload your document image in My Documents section.

4- In the History section, you will be able to see the details of your request to fill the application form.

Formcafe Instruction

Step e:- How to My Account Section on FormCafe?

1- Upload your Recent Passpost Size photograph in Image Section.

2- Complete my account details according to your academic document records. Because these details will help us fulfill your request to fill any competitive exam form.

Complete Account

3- Enter the exact number, which you have received in your studies.

Fill My Account Section

Step f:- How to upload documents images in My Document Section on FormCafe?

1- Upload Images of your documents with high quality (Low size with good quality image upload quick).


2- In other Certificates upload any certificate which you like to submit in your competitive exam application.

3- After select all images, Click on save.(Image which click from mobile camera will took time longer than usual to upload.)


Step g:- How to to request to fill application form on FormCafe?

1- Go back to the home page or open any competitive exam page by clicking on Recruitment or Admission.


2- After opening your Competitive Examination information page, see the full details of that competitive exam on that page. If you are interested in applying after checking, you will see a "request to fill" button, click on it (As shown in Fig.)


3- After Click on "Request to Fill", a pop-up will display on your screen.

4- Select your caste category which you belong.

5- You will see charges according to your caste category.


6- "Form Fee" always decided by the conducting Authority of that exam.And "Service Fee" is the charge we have taken to fill your application form.

7- And if not login then go for login.


8- After login or if you are already logged in, you will see the "Submit Request & Pay After" selecting your category later.

9- Click on that Button to generate request to apply online.


10- After click on "Submit Request & Pay After", you will get a thank you message on your screen.

11- Now go to "History" for more information about your request.


Step h:- How to check History of request on

1- Now in "History", you can check status of your requested competitive exam.

2- Pay Exam Fee after, Registration by Click on "Pay Due Charges".


Step i:- How to check Status of request on

1- Now Click on Track Status to check more details.

2- In track Status page,there are three steps.

3- These three steps shows your status of your application.


4- After your request received from our end, then your first step will be green as shown in image and the message will be displayed on your screen of first step.

5- If there is a mistake in your document or on your request, it will also be displayed in the first step.


6- In the second step, after your registration is complete, there will be a link to download a registration slip here or there will be a message if there is some error.

7- You can download registration slip from the given link and check that registration form and if you found a any mistake then you can contact us.We will always available to solve your issue in any how.

8- If your registration is completed and all details are right then you will have to make a payment from history page by Click on "Pay Due Charges".


9- Back to on History Page, Click on "Pay Due Charges" button of that form which you want to proceed.

10- You can pay through any online medium.

11- After your transaction has been done than you can download a receipt from here of your transaction for future reference.

12- Or if there's a any error regarding on your transaction then contact us.


13- After your successful transaction, we will work on to complete on your application form.

14- After Complete your application, we will give a complete form download link here or also send on your registered mail id.

15- If there's a any mistake in your application, and it happened from our end and your uploaded documents have a correct information then you will receive 100% refund into your bank account.


Why you need to Sign In?

FormCafe provides you with the service to fill online forms of government jobs and entrance exams. Here you only request to fill out a form in which you are interested and after that we have completed the process of completing that form in your favor. For this service you must first register on our platform and then sign in again. The successful registration login user will need to update all the correct information in the Account Section and upload all the academic certificates in the Document Section of FormCafe.

How will we help you?

Users can see latest government job updates, admittance cards, exam results, login updates, answer keys, courses at Registered users can request filling any government job or entry entry form. The form requested by the user will be filled by us and also track the status of the form in their history section. And users can obtain final and registration prints on their mail ID and it will also be available in history.

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